The Story

VIVELO originated from Damyan Nikolov's decision in 2007 to provide a professional cycling team, - which was sponsored by two companies co-owned by him - with a special edition road racing bicycle.

For this side project he relied on the knowledge and experience he amassed as a competitive road cyclist during the years 1988 to 1995, on the links forged in the period 1996 - 2007 as a sponsor of different cycling teams and on five of his employees with a strong engineering and cycling background who gladly joined him in this new challenge.

The Result

Beginning with a small team of dedicated cycling professionals, we have set out to build the best racing bikes in the world. We carefully choose the right materials, combine that with engineering expertise, add to that the knowledge that comes from decades of racing experience, and all this produce a frameset that is designed with one purpose in mind - create bicycles that are built to win.

After months of work, four more employees joining the project and initial tests of a prototype showing promising results, Damyan Nikolov decided to put the new bicycle to real life endurance tests and a few samples of the new road bike to the capable hands of the men it was initially intended for, namely the riders of the Cycling Club Hemus - VIVELO 1896, one of the strongest road racing clubs in the Southeastern Europe.

The tests were so successful and the road bike managed to transfer every fraction of pedaling force into forward motion so effectively that it was named "Erg", after the unit of energy and mechanical work in the centimetre-gram-second (CGS) system of units. "This was the first result and realization of a childhood dream of mine", Mr. Nikolov stated.

The Need

It started as an inquiry. A group of world class athletes looking for a frame that would allow them to perform at their best. A frame that had it all - light weight for climbing, superior lateral stiffness and effective absorption of the vibrations, vertical compliance for comfort and race inspired geometry for fit and handling that would be second to none. Unfortunately, bikes like that weren't readily available.

Birth of the Company

After these encouraging results there was a need for a company that could design and build the same world class framesets that were capable of giving elite athletes a competitive advantage and offer those same identical frames to the amateur racers or serious enthusiasts. That's how the Bulgarian based company named VIVELO Inc. got started. It was established in the early 2009 in order to take on the production of the high-end carbon-fiber bicycle frames. Ās a result of this the cycling team Hemus - VIVELO 1896 was equipped with VIVELO Erg road bikes, and as it was sponsored as a VIVELO factory team, it turned into the UCI Continental Hemus 1896 - VIVELO for the racing season 2010. This team earned the 34th place in the overall UCI Europe Team Tour Ranking for 2010.

During the same season VIVELO became a brand of choice for a second cycling team. The riders of the Greek-Spanish UCI Continental Team Heraklion Kastro Murcia also participated with VIVELO Erg during the 2010 season. One of them was the well known Spaniard Francisco Mancebo (winner of the "maillot blanc" in the 2000 Tour de France, Spanish National Champion in 2004, sixth in the 2004 Tour de France and fourth in the 2005 Tour de France) who managed to achieve important victories in 2010 with his VIVELO Erg.

The VIVELO brand is becoming more and more popular and different riders with varied needs and abilities are interested in buying VIVELO bikes. New models carbon-fiber frames were introduced to the market. Arc, Fever and Raw were meant for the road cycling enthusiasts and the MTB frame named m17 for Cross-country riders with competitive mindset and for racing enthusiasts.

VIVELO also started with the development of an entry level range of MTB bikes with aluminium frames. Mid-range aluminum + carbon fiber road bike frames named Volt and Watt from VIVELO hit the market in the late 2010.

Perespective and strategy

The product range is annually updated following the trends of the branch worldwide and considering the specific requirements of our customers. We offer bicycles by our design own design, produced by modern technologies with high quality components providing maximum comfort while riding.

The VIVELO brand is a registered trademark of VIVELO Inc. and the VIVELO collection is designed for a wide range of customers with different needs and riding purposes. The accent was on the Road and Mountain Bikes category, but as of 2010 we can clearly distinguish an increasing demand for city bikes from the comfort series which are more and more preferred for fast and comfortable transport in the intense city traffic as well as in the quiet village regions. The annual update of VIVELO collection guarantees the unique outlook and appearance of our bicycles.

In terms of VIVELO's future perspective, it's safe to say that the company is ready to take on new challenges to expand throughout the EU as a first step, provided the right distributors are found. Volume production wouldn't be a problem as VIVELO produces their whole range in Bulgaria.

Sponsoring 2011

For the season 2011 VIVELO became a technical partner of two UCI Continental Cycling Teams, namely the Turkish-Bulgarian KONYA TORKU SEKER SPOR - VIVELO and the Romanian TUSNAD CYCLING TEAM. These teams chose the new VIVELO Erg RS frame set, a further development of the lightweight racing frame set Erg.

And have we met our goal? You will be the judge. In just three short years, the athletes riding VIVELO have won nearly every major road race in EASTERN EUROPE. Our bikes have helped riders win NRC Championships as well as multiple national championships in numerous countries on the road, in time trials, and in the velodrome. We built frames that have carried their riders to the podiums of UCI and ITU World Cup races. They've won UCI races, Championships and a 24 hour MTB Bulgaria National Championship. They have raced successfully in UCI World Championships and at the Olympics. We've won numerous national championships in road race - from juniors to elites. And there's been medals of every color, including gold achieved by Eduard Novak in the Para-cycling World Champion in Time Trial with VIVELO Fly in the city Roskilde of Denmark in 2011.

So check out the 2012 VIVELO Competition Cycles line-up and start planning your path to the podium today.